wide top ring Sleeping Beauty turquoise
14K White Gold &

3/4 Ct. Marquise

three stone wide top ring
Turquoise & Imitation Opal Inlay
3 - 1/4 Ct. Diamonds

side view

Side View
Note.. The inside of this ring is not round

                Wide Top Fashion Ring #22

Left Side  ...This ring is 9/16" wide on the top, made of 14K white gold, and contains a 3/4 ct. marquise cut diamond set in a platinum head.   As pictured this ring would  cost about  $4,150.00.  With a 1/2 ct diamond it might be about $3,100.00, with a 1 Ct. size diamond it's price would be around $5,200 - $6,200.00.   The cost of this ring if I mounted your diamond in it would be: $1,395.00 for your 1/2 ct diamond, or $1,450.00 to mount your 3/4 ct or  1 Ct. Diamond in this setting.  The cost difference is because of the platinum head.

Center.. This ring is 9/16" wide on the top, made of 14K yellow gold, inlaid with turquoise and an imitation opal. The ring contains three 1/4 ct round diamonds. It could be made with square diamonds as well.  As pictured this ring would cost $3,025.00.   If I mounted your diamonds it would cost $1,395.00 - $1,450.00 depending on the size of the diamonds and the type of heads used.

Right Side ... This is a side view of the Wide top fashion ring. Please note that the inside of the ring is not round, so the sizing of this ring is a little bit unusual.  The big advantage is that the ring will fit over enlarged knuckles by turning it sideways as you are putting it on, and yet it fits your finger nicely. I usually size it a full size smaller than your knuckle size.

The diamonds that I quote are very pretty. They fall within  H / I color range ( no yellow), and a SI 1 or 2 clarity range ( no eye visible inclusions) When you call me and let me know what price area you are interested in, I will give my diamond dealer a call and find out what is available within your budget, and call you back with a quote on the exact diamonds that are available at the time, their color and clarity. All qualities of diamonds are available, The larger and finer ones come with certifications from GIA,    I am a graduate of Gemological Institute of America  diamond grading, and am very particular with my quality grading. My diamond prices are very competitive.

The above ring can be made in yellow or white gold for the same price.  If you would rather a different turquoise color than shown, or a different stone inlaid into the ring, that is also available, usually at the same price. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks depending on my work load at the time. each ring is individually made my me.  It is best to give me a call toll free and let's discuss the possibilities.

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Our Guarantee If within two weeks From the time of receipt of the jewelry I have created for you, you are not  satisfied, and upon the return of said merchandise in new condition, I will refund your purchase price less the shipping and insurance charge.  I will replace turquoise that has come out of my jewelry due to normal wear for free up to 3 years, after that there will be a small charge,  I require you to cover the shipping and insurance for its return to you, usually $30.00 in U.S. for U.P.S. overnight and starting at $80.00 for Canada overight.  I make your ring by the size you give me, should the ring need to be re-sized, I will charge approximately $100.00 (depending on the complexity of the ring) plus return shipping and insurance. To size my rings all the turquoise has to be removed, the ring sized, and then re inlayed.  We have been in business for over 34 years and am dedicated to providing the best product I can. Should a problem arise, feel free to call me I am sure we can work together to resolve it.

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